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Refreshing rebirth with cold therapy


As nature comes to life in spring, we too are re-energised, instinctively taking action to refresh and revive the harmony of our body and soul. The new Krio Centre in Lurdy, offering services such as the cryosauna and Normatec, helps us to do just that: modern solutions for health and performance.

Using the cryosauna, a short cold therapy session of just 3 minutes has a wonderful effect on the body and mind. Cold exposure stimulates circulation, helps reduce inflammation and improves immune function. It also helps improve sleep quality and reduces fatigue, making it the perfect choice for spring rejuvenation.

The Normatec device is a form of compression therapy that promotes blood and lymph circulation, reduces leg fatigue and helps muscle recovery. This treatment can be particularly useful for sedentary workers or elite athletes, as it helps them recover faster and perform better.

The newly opened Krio Centre in Lurdy also offers personalised training programmes and dietary advice, which provide tailor-made and effective support for a healthy lifestyle and performance optimisation. The combination of expert assistance and state-of-the-art technology ensures that Krio Centrum customers are in the best hands, whether they are looking to maintain their health, recover their body or improve their sporting performance.

Discover the benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy at Krio Centrum and take a step towards getting the best out of your summer!

A new Krio Centrum has opened on the 1st floor of Lurdy, opposite Thai Massage.

For further information visit the Krio Centrum website: https://kriocentrum.hu/

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