Discover the flavours of the world at the Lurdy House restaurants!


Discover world flavours at Lurdy House restaurants!

Lurdy is not just a place to do your everyday shopping, it is also a gastronomic hub where you can discover the flavours of different parts of the world. We pride ourselves on our wide range of restaurants, where everyone can find their own perfect culinary experience.

Wok’n Go – Journey to the East

Start your taste journey at Wok’n Go Chinese restaurant, where authentic, freshly prepared Asian dishes are served. Traditional wok dishes like spicy Szechuan chicken or classic fried noodles are guaranteed to whisk you away to the heart of China.

Salad Box – Freshness in every bowl

Salad Box is all about freshness and healthy eating. Choose from a selection of crisp, nutritious salads and refreshing smoothies to fuel your day.

Ízvilág – Ambassador of the flavours of Hungary

Discover the richness of Hungarian cuisine at the Ízvilág restaurant. Besides traditional dishes such as goulash soup and stew, there are also modern flavour compositions that reinterpret Hungarian gastronomy.

Il Treno – Italian Adventures

Il Treno restaurant offers classic Italian cuisine, from delicious pasta dishes to crispy artisan pizzas. Taste the Italian sunshine in every bite!

BelFrit and Burgerilla – The Kings of Street food

BelFrit and Burgerilla restaurants offer quality meat patties and artisan burgers to make your meal unforgettable. Discover the real taste of street food, whether it is a classic burger or an innovative creation.

Mon Cremi – Sweets Heaven

At Mon Cremi cake shop you can choose from a wide selection of cakes and desserts. Treat yourself to a slice of French cake after lunch or with coffee.

McDonald’s and KFC restaurants offer familiar American flavours. Whether it’s a Big Mac or a portion of crispy chicken nuggets, quality and taste are guaranteed.

Kebab Time – Turkish restaurant with the charm of oriental flavours

Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of Turkish cuisine at Kebab Time. Our fresh, locally made gyros plates, pita breads and dumplings are the perfect choice for a pleasant lunch or dinner.

McCafé – A quality café

McCafé offers a selection of high quality coffees and pastries so you can take a break from shopping or watching afilm.

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