Beauty Tavaszi Konferencia

Skin regeneration, skin care in cosmetics


Spring is a time of renewal, when our body and soul are renewed, and it is no different in cosmetics. After the long cold months, our skin is also looking for freshness and newness, and beauty salons are becoming more and more open to new treatments and cosmetics.

At the Beauty Spring Conference, we will be able to find out what new things 2024 will bring to beauty salons, what developments and challenges beauty professionals need to prepare for, what are the current and expected needs of guests, and what they need to be prepared for in order to ensure a high quality service.

What should we prepare for?

Whether it is skin regeneration and nourishment, manual and mechanical treatments, massages, active ingredients/innovative solutions, the conference will give you professional guidance on all topics. The event is attended by the leading experts in Hungary, ensuring a high professional standard of presentations and lectures. In addition to cosmetic professionals and trainers, you will also get first-hand, useful, industry-specific information from biologists and pharmacists on the latest innovations and advances.

The all-day professional programme will include topics such as tecar wave and soft laser treatments, skin nutrition and regeneration with natural ingredients, micro-needle treatments, massage techniques in different areas: holistic cell regeneration, eye/face massage, cellulite massage, anti-aging massage.

Of course, make-up is not missing from the agenda either, in the afternoon there will be a make-up competition, where you will have the opportunity to admire some wonderful work and learn some tricks and techniques.

All those interested in cosmetics and beauty care are welcome on 22.04.2024, from 9 am at our Event Centre on the 1st floor!

Read more on the website: https://beauty-day.hu/

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