Get moving for spring!


Spring renewal in 5 steps at Lurdy!

Spring is not only a time of renewal for nature, but also a great opportunity to reassess our personal physical, spiritual and mental health.
The shops and services at Lurdy help visitors in the spring transformation process.

1. Health and fitness

The Scitec GoldUSA fitness gym offers a personalised training plan and professional trainers for anyone who wants to get in shape for spring. Besides exercise, proper nutrition is also important. BiotecUSA and Scitec Nutrition vitamins can be an excellent supplement to your daily diet, providing your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

2. Hydration – beauty care

Use moisturisers to restore your skin’s radiance and remember to use proper sun protection, which is essential on sunny days. The latest innovations in face and body care are on offer to help your skin prepare for spring. Dm and Rossmann shops offer a range of products to help renew your skin for spring.

3. Mental health – relax and recharge

Spring is a time of renewal, which means not only physical renewal, but also mental renewal. Thai massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and restore the balance between body and mind. Let our professional masseurs take the strain out of your tiredness and enjoy the relaxing, rejuvenating experience!
Do something new! Climbing is the perfect experience for adults and children alike at Boulder Academy, one of the largest climbing gyms in the world, because climbing develops motor coordination, adaptability and physical and mental endurance.

4. Self-confidence and appearance

The Ergoline solarium can help you get a healthy tan, which boosts your self-confidence and good looks. Spring is a season of renewal and freshness, the perfect time to give your skin a fresh, luminous glow.

5. Nutrition and vitality

Lenkei offers a wide range of nutritional supplements for those who want to support their body with complementary nutrients to help improve wellbeing, boost energy levels and maintain overall health, alongside good nutrition.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and renewal. Whether it is skin care, physical fitness, mental well-being, external renewal or nutrition, our shopping centre has all the tools to support our customers on this journey.

Discover new options and enjoy the refreshing freshness of spring with Lurdy!

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