Discover the world of minerals at the Lurdy Mineral Fair!


Special Weekend at Lurdy from 12 to 14 April.

Get ready for an exciting adventure at the Lurdy Centre, where the wonderful world of minerals will be revealed to you in mid-April in a fascinating exhibition and fair. This event is the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the mysterious world of minerals and discover how important they are to our lives and history.

The mysterious beginnings of life and the magic of everyday minerals

Did you ever think that life on Earth could have started with a simple mineral, pyrite? Or how often we encounter minerals in our everyday lives without even realising it? They are everywhere, from smartphones to concrete, and are essential to our modern way of life

Minerals in history: revolution and beauty

Minerals are not only important for their practical use. From ancient civilisations to the present day, they have had a huge impact on the development of technology and aesthetics. Iron ore, limestone, marble and many other materials have shaped and beautified our world.

The presence of minerals in the modern age

Minerals are also among the building blocks of modern technology. Without them, from lithium to rare earth metals, we would not have the electronic devices we use today. This exhibition will help you understand how these minerals are playing a key role in the technology of the future

Minerals for art and healing

Minerals are not just in our physical world, but also in our souls. From art to jewellery, from healing to meditation, minerals enchant us with their beauty and their supposed healing powers

Don’t miss out!

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to admire and experience the magical world of minerals in person at the Lurdy Centre. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of minerals and you too may find a special piece that will become part of your home forever. Come and discover the hidden treasures of minerals yourself during this special weekend!


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